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rarely adv : not often; "we rarely met" [syn: seldom] [ant: frequently]

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  • UK: /reəli/


  1. Not occurring at a regular interval; in a rare manner or degree; seldom; not often.
    We rarely go to the theatre.

Usage notes

It is grammatically a negative word. It therefore collocates with ever rather than never.
  • Compare We rarely ever go to the theatre. with We almost never go to the theatre.



not occurring at a regular interval


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abnormally, at infrequent intervals, exiguously, extremely, hardly, hardly ever, here and there, in places, in spots, incredibly, infrequently, little, meagerly, not often, piddlingly, scantily, scarcely, scarcely ever, scrimpily, seldom, seldom if ever, skimpily, sparsely, sparsim, spottily, stingily, uncommon, uncommonly, uncustomarily, unexpectedly, unfrequently, unnaturally, unoften, unordinarily, unusually, very seldom
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